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January 2010 Acquisitions

Should have started this at the start of February, but better late than never.

  • Cities: The Very Best of Fantasy Comes to Town.
  • Isaac's Storm: A Man, a Time, and the Deadliest Hurricane in History by Erik Larson.
  • Anathem by Neal Stephenson.
  • A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin.
  • A Feast for Crows, ibid.
  • Dreamsongs, Volume 1, ibid.
  • Dreamsongs, Volume 2, ibid. (Already own almost all the major stories in earlier collections, but it's nice to get them in hc.)
  • Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley by Peter Guralnick.
  • Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, ibid.
  • The Red and the Black by Stendhal. (A different translation from the one I had already; still not Moncrieff's, however.)
  • The Knight in History by Frances Gies.
  • Pride of Carthage by David Anthony Durham.
  • The Circus of Earth and Air by Brooke Stevens.
  • The Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural.
  • Half the Day is Night by Maureen McHugh.
  • Shadows in the Sun by Chad Oliver.
  • The Dreaming Dragons by Damien Broderick.
  • A Brief History of the Normans by Francois Neveux.
  • Marriage and Family in the Middle Ages by Frances Gies.
  • Young Men and Fire by Norman Maclean.
  • H.G. Wells: His Turbulent Life and Times by Lovat Dickinson.