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James Monroe by Gary Hart

James Monroe (2005) by Gary Hart.

This is a monograph in the series "The American Presidents." Hart's thesis is Monroe was the first 'national security' president; to this end he exalts the fifth president as much as possible - e.g., minimizing John Quincy Adams' contribution to the Monroe Doctrine.

Hart goes out of his way to criticize some of the ideas in another "American Presidents" volume; oddly, not ideas concerning Monroe, but rather dealing with his presidential predecessor as expressed in Garry Wills' James Madison. I'm sure this gratuitous attack has nothing to do with the fact Wills had some rather negative things to say about Hart in his Under God - describing Hart as "the first candidate of Adulterers' Lib," for example.

Leaving that bit of pettiness aside, I was not particularly impressed with this brief biography, but then I haven't gotten much out of any of the volumes of this series that I've read.